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Fishing and Touring Holidays in Yorkshire

We provide self catering, bed and breakfast  and half board accommodation for fishing and touring holidays in East Yorkshire. Our accommodation can sleep up to 10 and is available for weekly, mid-week and week-end lets.

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Tansterne Fishery Information


Our Fishery is a float only fishing venue with a total of 48 fishing pegs. Originally consisting of three separate ponds, the Main pond, Car Park pond and Canal pond, the 'Car Park Pond' has since been joined with the 'Main Pond' to form a larger fishing pond with all fish from the main pond having access to this area.


Pegs on the main pond run anti clockwise from peg 1 to peg 37. Peg 1 is on the north side (canal pond side) nearest to the buildings.

Pegs on the canal pond are numbered 38 to 48 with 38 nearest to the buildings


We have a number of pegs available for less abled anglers within 20 yards of parking.  A porta loo and free car parking for anglers. The fishery is open all year, hours are dawn until dusk.

Tansterne Fishery is open for match bookings and charity events with special rates for large bookings.
Please contact us for more information.


No children unless accompanied by an adult.

Please do not leave any litter.

Note:  Floating bread is no longer allowed.


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General Tactics

In the summer season most baits will work although maggots tends to attract the perch.

Maggot - pellet - sweetcorn - meat - bread (on the hook only)- chopped worm - cheese - paste.  They all work

Please, find a peg and stick with it or move all your gear to another one. We do not like to see your or another anglers equipment damaged by walkabout anglers





Fishing in Yorkshire - Tansterne Fishing Ponds

original view of the Main Pond




The 'Main Pond' and 'Car Park Pond' were originally two separate ponds but are now joined to form one pond.


The pond is 3 feet 6 inches deep around the island and falling away to 5 feet 6 inches after the sunken island at peg 4 and 35

The main pond is split in two by a walkway bridge

Once you cross over the bridge, the depth increases to 7 feet and there is a ledge around the island that sits about 2 feet under the surface and protrudes 2-3 feet




fishing in Yorkshire at Tansterne fishing car park pond

original view of the Car Park Pond

The Car Park pond was constructed in 2010 as a separate pond with an upturned saucer bottom so that it is shallower in the middle. The car park pond is now part of the main pond and covers the area from peg 23 to 33


The depths vary in this area with the deepest points to 10 feet


The margins fish exceptionally well and is ideal for waggler fishing


to view photo gallery  click here

Fish in the Main Pond / Car Park Pond include

Mirror carp to 30lb  -  Common carp to 18lb
Tench  -  Ide  -  Bream  -  Barbel  -  Roach  -  Rudd  -  Mirror Carp  -  Ghost Carp  -  Crucian Carp  -  Perch

Varied other species


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On the far side of Canal Pond there are two ledges

The first ledge is approx 2 feet six under the water and 3 feet wide and the second ledge is a further 2 feet six under the water and protrudes for another 3 feet

On the side you fish from there is yet another ledge under the water and this is 3 to 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep

The middle of the pond fishes to 9 feet at the deepest point

View of Canal Pond

tansterne fishery canal pond


to view all photo's click here


This pond is 11 metres across at its narrowest point and 14 metres at its widest

You can only fish from one bank in this pond

The Canal Pond is stocked with :-


Mirror Carp and Ghost carp to around 5lb
Ide  -  Roach  -  Rudd  -  Bream  -  Crucian Carp  -  Barbel  -  Chub  -  Tench to 4 lb

800 carp of 1/2lb to 3lb - these are a mixture of ghost carp and mirror carp


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Keep nets and Landing nets provided at every peg.



Car parking


There is a free car park provided and the facility to park within 20 yards of the fishing pegs for less abled anglers.

Anglers park at their own risk and are asked to secure away any valuables.


There is a porta loo onsite next to peg 1
(This is cleaned under contract every week in the summer season )

Less Abled Anglers

We have a number of pegs available for the less abled angler with facility to park within 20 yards of the fishing pegs



Fishing Lessons

Do you want to learn to fish - do you want your child / grandchild taught how to fish?

Tuition of 3 hours including all tackle / bait and peg fee £30 ( longer sessions on request )

Rod or pole tuition available.

Call Mike 07873 336149 or Ron 07711 936611

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We hope to see you soon . . . .


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Tansterne Fishing

Tansterne Lane
East Yorkshire
HU11 4RD

Fishing in Yorkshire - Tansterne Fishing Ponds



Mike  07873 336149

Ron  07711 936611



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